FreeStatePlus: “Strange-Tides-in-the-Mailroom-at-CCWF”: How to save the California Corrections System


Life on The Inside

Its not an accident why California has such a large State Deficit and Debt. And why they have so many people in their Corrections System. And why they now spend more money on their Corrections System. Then their Public Infrastructure and Public Education. They have too many people in prison and too many of their inmates. Go back to prison after they are released. Because they are not prepared for life on the outside and go back to their bad habits. And they have to take money out of the General Revenue. Money that could be spent on schools, roads, bringing down their taxes. They are one of the highest taxed States in the Union. They also have one of the largest debts and deficits, not just in numbers. But also as a percentage of their GDP in the Union as well.

You don’t save money on prisons by opening the doors of prisons. And letting everyone out, except for of course White Collar criminals and people in prison for Hate Crimes. As some Progressives have suggested. That just makes the problem even worst, you also have to know. That California also has one of the highest Crimes Rates in the Union as well. If you did that, you would just have a lot more criminals on the streets. Not prepared for life on the outside, committing more crimes. And then going back to prison, representing an even bigger drain on society. Thats not how you save money doing anything. Actually that would cost California and its Tax Payers even more money.

The way to save the California Corrections System, is to make it more effective and efficient. And cut back on some of its workload. You eliminate what Libertarian Author Milton Friedman called “Bad Laws”. You stop arresting people for what they do to themselves, marijuana being an excellent example of that. Gambling would another one, regulations beats prohibition. And you stop sending Non Violent offenders to prison. People who don’t represent much of a threat to society, get these people in Halfway Houses, Alternative Sentencing. Get Drug Addicts in Drug Rehab and out of prison. And then finally put these inmates to work and have them cover their Cost of Living Expenses. And return Prison Industries to California.

Saving the California Corrections System is a big task and won’t be easy. But even with California’s fiscal challenges, they still have to be able to defend their streets. And lock up criminals who are convicted and are threats to society. But they need to do this in a Cost Effective way. That allows California to protect itself the best they can.


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