FreeStatePlus: “It Ain’t Over for the Republican Primaries”: The GOP Continues to look for Mr. Mediocre

It Ain’t Over.

The Republican Primaries go on as the GOP and perhaps only the GOP. Is struggling with who to choose, Mr. Mediocre in Mitt Romney. Or Mr. Jesus Wannabe in Rick Santorum and they are dumbfounded in who to vote for. Now me personally and I’m not a Republican, to state the obvious. But if thats the choice, I pick Mr. Mediocre and take my chances. Because at least Mediocre doesn’t think he’s someone he’s not. And doesn’t want to snoop into my bedroom when I’m asleep or any other reason. But again we are talking about the GOP. The fact that Mr. Mediocre doesn’t want Big Government to go to bed with his citizens. Is a big problem with a lot of GOP Voters and one reason why they don’t like Mr. Mediocre.

The whole problem with Mitt Romney is that even on paper, he looks like an excellent Presidential Candidate. Goes to the weakness of his Presidential Campaign. Because he’s competing with Presidential Candidates. That quite frankly have no business running for President. Goes to Mitt Romney’s weakness as a Presidential Candidate. Because someone with Mitt’s resume should be blowing out his competition right now. And the fact that Dumb and Dumber are still in the race. With a chance to pick up more Delegates, because Mitt hasn’t blown these people out. Tells you how weak this field is and how weak their Frontrunner is.


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