FreeStatePlus: Bill Clinton/Bob Dole Presidential Debate: The Jury had already decided

Bill Clinton/Bob Dole Presidential Debate – 10/6/96.

By the time former Senate Leader Bob Dole debated President Bill Clinton in October, 1996. President Clinton had basically a ten point lead in the polls. And the Dole Campaign probably knew that as well. So what Leader Dole needed to do in these debates. Was hit home runs and pitch shutouts. That didn’t happen, Leader Dole did not have the attention of destroying President Clinton in these debates. And deciding that they don’t like me as much as Bill Clinton. So I need voters to dislike Clinton more then me. And just be on the attack all night, what Bob Dole did do. Was use these Presidential Debates as basically giving voters a couple more opportunities. To see why He would make a better President then Bill Clinton and I think he did that. But voters decided that they prefer the current President instead.

Bob Dole could’ve easily gone for hail marries and decide what else do I have to lose. But his reputation and that he wanted to keep that, as well as how he would be remembered. As a Congressional and Republican Leader, where he does very well. And basically took the high road in these debates, where Bill Clinton basically knew he was going to win. And didn’t take any big risks and spent most of these debates talking about what he wanted to do with a 2nd term as President. And he succeeded at that as well.


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