FreeStatePlus: “Democrats sneak Uncle Sam into your Bedroom”: The Big Government Hypocrisy of the GOP


Big Government Republicans

WOLF: Democrats sneak Uncle Sam into your bedroom – Washington Times.

I always get a big laugh when I hear Republicans, especially Religious and Neoconservatives. Big Government Republicans get on Democrats about being in favor of Big Government. When their 2nd Place Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum. Calling for all sort of new restrictions on how Americans can live their lives. Going as far as calling for outlawing condoms, pornography, gambling. Putting back the Homosexual Ban in the military. Calling for outlawing women from serving in combat in the military. Even though they are already serving in combat and doing a fine job. Representing their country, voting for No Child Left Behind which puts in more. Federal Regulations and Unfunded Mandates in Public Education.

All the new restrictions that Republican States have passed on Women’s Healthcare in the last few weeks. Which is why Republican Support amongst women has gone down. And why Mitt Romney, who’s not a Big Government Republican. Has seen his support go down amongst women in  the last few weeks as well. Republicans love to complain  about Democrats being in favor of Big Government. But in the last ten years, they’ve been the party thats been growing government. Especially at the Federal Level and limiting how Americans can live their own lives. I haven’t even mentioned yet their attempts to ban Gay Marriage. Which Rep. Michelle Bachmann sees as a “Threat to National Security.

If your against Big Government, then your against Big Government. If its just Big Government Economics your against, then you should say so. And not get on people for supporting Big Government, when you support Big Government as well.


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