FreeStatePlus: “Mitt Romney-Fication of Healthcare Reform”: Romneycare Equals Obamacare


Northeastern Republican

PIPES: Romney-fication of health care reform – Washington Times.

Personally if you ask most Republicans what they feel about Mitt Romney. I’m guessing because I don’t know the answer, I’m not a Republican. I’m guessing they would say Mitt is a nice intelligent guy, good Family Man, with a beautiful family. Good sense of humor who’s been very successful in life, except as a politician. But thats not good enough to be elected President of the United States. Or even win the Republican Nomination for President. Mitt has a few problems, some his own making like his Flip Flopping. Which at this point he’s probably known most for and his truthfulness. The problems that Mitt has that aren’t his fault, he’s a Yankee in a Religious Conservative Southern Party. He’s Mormon and he’s a Northeastern Republican. Who’s twenty years past when that was an OK thing to be in the GOP.

The problems that Mitt have that are his own doing, have to do with his past record as Governor of Massachusetts. Mainly the Massachusetts Healthcare Law, that the 2010 Affordable Care Act was based on. And as much as he tries to explain how different they are. He’ll never get passed the GOP as far as how similar they are. Healthcare Mandate, Tax Credit to pay for Health Insurance. For workers and employers, Patients Bill of Rights and other things. And as unpopular as the AFA is in the GOP. Is why Mitt hasn’t sold the deal with the GOP yet and hasn’t won a  Southern State, not including Florida.

The reasons why Mitt Romney hasn’t closed the sale with the GOP. Has to do with issues of his own making and issues. That shouldn’t disqualify anyone but because of how far to the right and ignorant. The Republican Party is today, are holding back Mitt from closing the sale. To win the Republican Nomination for President.


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