FreeStatePlus: “High cost of Free Speech”: What Free Speech actually means

First Amendment

TYRRELL: High cost of free speech – Washington Times.

Ever since the Sandra Fluke controversy, Progressives have been calling for the removal of Rush Limbaugh. From the Air Waves, the Right Wing Radio Talk Show Host. By starting Petition Drives to have Rush removed from the airwaves. Encouraging Rush’s sponsors to dump him and they’ve had some success in doing so. Apparently Free Speech to at least some Progressives, is Speech they agree with. But when a Right Wing speaker, professor, author. Gives a speech that attracts a big audience, they try to shout that person down. Because they don’t agree with that person, Anne Coulter comes to mind. Other then being witty and entertaining, there’s nothing I like about Anne Coulter. But she’s an American Citizen as well, her 1st Amendment rights. Are just as strong as Americans I like and agree with. Same thing with Rush Limbaugh.

This whole Rush Limbaugh controversy, is exactly why I separate Liberals, such as myself. From Progressives, we are different politically, culturally and Progressives. Have authoritarian tendencies when it comes to Free Speech. That they disagree with, as well as Hate Speech and they don’t hold their side accountable. When they say crazy things but are more then willing to try to kick off a Right Winger. When that person says something stupid, which is exactly what Rush did. Rush didn’t threaten Sandra Fluke or asked to see harm come to her. He called her a nasty name in front of his 23M listeners. And has paid a heavy price for it and if his sponsors want to leave him over it. Then thats their right but Rush shouldn’t be forced off the air through Governmental Action. For expressing his First Amendment right.

We live in a Liberal Democracy, I realize Progressives and Neoconservatives hate hearing that. But its a fact and all the evidence you need for that is to look at our First Amendment. That protects Stupid Speech as long as people aren’t threatening each other or yelling fire in crowded places. Because we’ve determined as a country that we are strong enough to determine what speech is intelligent. And what’s ignorant and doesn’t need to be taken seriously. And that we don’t need Uncle Sam making these decisions for us.


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