FreeStatePlus: “Dare to Mediscare”: How to Reform Medicare

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MILLER: Dare to Mediscare – Washington Times.

A couple weeks ago former House Leader Dick Armey and now the head of Freedom Works. A Conservative Political Group, lost a court case, where he wanted to leave Medicare on his own. And just stick with his private Health Insurance. Leader Armey was basically trying to reform Medicare on his own. Saying look I’m a wealthy man, Medicare if its not already there. Is headed to financial difficulty, especially if its not reformed. I don’t need Medicare and actually prefer my current Health Insurance. Why don’t you allow people who need Medicare, who wouldn’t have enough Health Insurance. If any without Medicare, use the revenue I would’ve gotten for my Medicare. For their own Health Insurance, sounds like Common Sense to me.

If you read my blog, you know just by most if not all political positions. That I’ve taken, that I’m not a Republican or even a Conservative, even though I respect Classical Conservatism. And I’m no fan of Dick Armey but he makes a valid point, why should he be forced to take government Health Insurance he doesn’t want. As long as he’s paying for his share of his Healthcare, then it should be up to him. To decide how he pays for it, as long as he’s paying for it. And not passing his Healthcare Costs on to someone else. The case he took to court was clearly about Freedom of Choice. And if you read this blog, you know I’m a big fan of Freedom of Choice. Dick Armey already has Health Insurance, doesn’t need Medicare and doesn’t want it, pure and simple.

Medicare one way or the other is going to have to be reformed. And the best way to do it, is reform Medicare in a way. That doesn’t hurt anyone and you do that. By allowing people to decide for themselves how they pay for their Healthcare. Once they reach their Senior Years, as long as they pay for it. And for people who don’t need Medicare, they shouldn’t be eligible for it. And we could dramatically reduce the workload and and improve the finances of Medicare.


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