The Washington Times: Editorial- “End Obamacare, don’t Mend it”: End the Popular Provisions of the ACA?

KING & DEMINT: End Obamacare, don’t mend it – Washington Times


As a Democrat who supports the Affordable Care Act overall but of course wouldn’t of written this bill. Had I been able to pass any Healthcare Reform Law that I wanted. Imagine being King for a day or week, months or a year. Which is how long it to to pass the ACA. No Democrat would, for example I don’t like the Medicaid Expansion without paying for it. And the new tax on employers that was already repealed. I’m not going to try to convince anyone, who’s not high or drunk. That the ACA is a popular bill but I would argue that there are clearly popular provisions in the ACA. That Congressional Republicans might want to think about before they once again. Try to repeal the ACA again and will fail again, knowing we still have a Democratic Senate and President.

The Affordable Care Act has a Tax Credit for individuals who currently can’t afford Health Insurance. To cover their Health Insurance, it also has a Tax Credit for employers to cover their share of their employees Health Insurance. It has a Patients Bill of Rights, meaning Health Insurers. Will no longer be able to dump their customers, just because they actually need their Health Insurance. Meaning that Health Insurers will now actually have to provide their service. Not just collect money from their customers. Health Insurers will no longer be able to deny people Health Insurance. Just because they have a Pre Existing Condition. The ACA might still be unpopular overall but these provisions aren’t.

This idea that Affordable Care Act is a “Government Takeover of our Healthcare System. Is bogus because the ACA simply builds off of the Private Health Insurance System. Which is why Progressive Democrats don’t like it. They wanted Government Run Health Insurance as the only Health Insurance for the country. Meaning Medicare For All, had that passed, then people who are against the ACA. Would have a valid point but that didn’t happen. What the ACA does is hold Private Insurers accountable. Expands Health Insurance for people who can’t afford it.  And requires that all Americans pay for their Healthcare. No more “Free Healthcare”.

One thing that is true, assuming the US Supreme Court rules in favor of the ACA. Meaning that its Constitutional, which is clearly not a safe bet. Then that makes the General Elections even more important. Because if President Obama is reelected, chances are he’ll have a Democratic Congress. If Mitt Romney is elected President, then he’ll have a Republican Congress. So whoever wins the General Election, assuming the ACA is ruled Constitutional. Will determine the future or life of the Affordable Care Act.


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