FreeStatePlus: Mitt Romney Rallies for ‘Economic Freedom’: Mitt’s Best Case for Winning the Presidential Election


Northeastern Republican

Romney rallies for ‘economic freedom’ – Washington Times.

This is exactly what Mitt Romney should be doing as he campaigns for President. Focusing on Economic Policy, as well as Foreign Policy. He’s running for President after all but focus on Economic Policy. Which is where he should do very well, given how successful he’s been in life. In the Private Sector and keep in mind. This is coming from a Democrat who will never vote for Mitt. And if takes my advice, he’ll become more difficult to beat in the Presidential Election. The more he focus’s on Rick Santorum and Social Issues, trying to convince the Religious Right. He’s a Big Government Republican as well. The more he gets hurt with Independents, who as of Monday, have a 27% Approval Rating of him. Independents don’t like Big Government Republicans or Democrats generally.

Mitt Romney’s best path to the Presidency is to focus on Economic and Foreign Policy. Taxes and regulations are too high and too much. Uncle Sam spends too much money and has too much control and I’ll not only give this country a strong Economic Recovery. With high Economic and Job Growth and dramatically lower unemployment. But I’ll protect the country as a whole and here’s my plan to do it. And I’m not going to tell Americans how to live their lives. And try to outlaw things that are already legal and focus on things like Same Sex Marriage. Mitt Romney should be focusing on Tea Party Economic Conservatives and other Economic Conservatives in the GOP. As well as Independents.

Mitt Romney’s only path to the Presidency is to focus on Economic Conservatives and Independents. Run like the Northeastern Republican that he is. And be tolerant on Social Issues and not focus on them at all. Support Freedom of Choice essentially and bank that the Far Right. Will vote for him anyway, just to defeat President Obama. And by doing this, he could bring in a lot of young voters as well. That don’t like Big Government Republicans or Democrats.


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