FreeStatePlus: “Overextended America”: What America can no Longer Afford

TYRRELL: Overextended America – Washington Times.

Solving the debt and deficit issues of the US Government are fairly simple. As far as what we need to do and what we can do. And the good news is that we have time to do it, as long as we move to get it done. Before our debt is so big, it looks like Greece. And we can do it in a way that won’t hurt anyone that can’t afford to be. The problem is the people are so use to the Federal Budget as it is. And all the entitlements that come with it. And Developed Nations around the World are so use to having their National Security taken care for them. For free except that its at American Tax Payers expense. This is essentially what our Federal Budget has looked like the last forty five years. That its become politically very difficult to do what it takes to accomplish it. That Members of Congress don’t want to lose their jobs over it.

Solving the debt and deficit is fairly simple as far as the solutions. Reforming the Safety Net, the entire thing and making the whole Safety Net a Welfare System. Just for the people who  need it, having the wealthy pay more into it. And then sending all of these programs down to the States. Like we did with Welfare Reform in 1996, add Medicaid and Unemployment Insurance to that as well. Bringing all of our troops home that are stationed in Developed Nations. That can afford to defend themselves. Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea and closing those bases. And then Tax Reform, eliminating most if not all Tax Loopholes. Especially Corporate Welfare and then lowering Tax Rates.

To know that the solutions are simple and known but that the politics are almost impossible. All you have to do is look at the House Republican Federal Budget. That does basically none of these things, except for Medicare. By converting into a Voucher System and then look at the Federal Budget. By President Obama that does basically nothing on Deficit Reduction. And then look at proposals by the Bowles-Simpson Commission that makes these tough decisions. But then scares the hell out of Congress and they don’t support it. As well as President Obama because they are worried about offending their bases.


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