FreeStatePlus: “What Rick Santorum’s Gaffe Says About Conservatives”: You mean Neoconservatives right not Classical Conservatives

via What Santorum’s Gaffe Says About Conservatives.

The last few days I’ve been in a debate or discussion on Google+. Which might be giving away too much information right there, with a Rick Santorum for President supporter. I follow Rick Santorum on Google+, just to see what the other side. Is up to and thinking so to speak and besides I find Sen. Santorum interesting. I’m what I would describe as a JFK Classical Liberal. So I agree with Rick Santroum who’s a Neoconservative, whether he’s aware of that or not. About as often as it snows in Las Vegas but we do tend to agree on the War on Poverty. Sen. Santorum had a post going off on the dangers of Big Government. He was referring to the economy of course, which is only part of Big Government. And I commented that, Rick Santorum is the ultimate Big Government Republican and I’ll explain why.

Big Government whether its about Economic, Social or Foreign Policy. Is about control Big Government controlling how people live their own lives. Not talking about whether someone murders or rapes someone. Or commits some other crime against an innocent person. Just how people live their own lives.

The person I was debating claims. That Sen. Santorum is not a Big Government Republican. And then asked me to explain why I believed Rick is a Big Government Republican. And I laid out some of his votes, just in his 2nd Term in the Senate. From 2001-07, where he voted for No Child Left Behind, more Federal Government involvement in Public Education. The Patriot Act that allows the Feds to look at what Americans are reading and listening to. Even if they are not terrorists, Medicare Advantage, 500B$ expansion of Medicare to cover Prescription Drugs. Money that was all borrowed from China, Russia, Brazil etc. 1T$ in two unpaid for wars. I laid out all of these Congressional Votes by Rick. Before without evening having to mention his new positions during his Presidential Campaign.

The person I was debating who’s a supporter of Rick Santorum. Not only says he doesn’t believe in Big Government but that Rick Santroum is not a Big Government Republican. But that America needs a strong Federal Government. He didn’t say we need a weak or limited or small Federal Government. But a strong Federal Government, his words not mine. To protect their citizens from harmful actions, like porn which he used as an example. And believes it should be illegal. Just like Sen. Santorum. My whole point being that some people believe in Big Government. But are not even aware of it.


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