FreeStatePlus: CPAC Head: “Conservatives Must Unite Behind Mitt Romney”: Meaning the Far Right must United behind Mitt for him to win

Classical Conservative

via CPAC Head: Conservatives Must Unite Behind Romney.

The fact is as much as Religious and Neoconservative. May claim to dislike Mitt Romney, because they don’t believe he’s a “True Conservative”. With his Flip Flopping, “Romneycare”, his support for Gay Rights. And they see him as a Moderate or even a Liberal. As Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have claimed. Even though is you look at Mitt’s past Track Record. Not what he’s said, because that changes about as often as the Washington weather. But just what he’s done in his life and how he governed Massachusetts. Mitt Romney fits in very well as a Classical Conservative, a Northeastern Republican. Who’s anti Big Government, who suports Individual Liberty and the US Constitution. And doesn’t want Uncle Sam telling people how to live their lives.

Again if you just look at Mitt Romney’s Track Record, he fits in very well as a Classical Conservative. Not as Conservative as Sen. Barry Goldwater was on Fiscal Policy. Mitt does believe in a Safety Net, things like Social Security and Unemployment Insurance. But on taxes, Deficit Reduction, regulation, PAYGO. Meaning that government pays for all of its operations and is also limited not expansive. The problem is Mitt’s politics doesn’t fit in very well with the GOP today. They’ve become a Big Government party, on Social Issues and Foreign Policy. And all of this rhetoric we’ve heard from them on Fiscal Policy . They didn’t believe in those things just four years ago when. George W. Bush was President and President Bush at the time ran up the largest debt and deficit in American History. That two Republican Congress’s back to back Rubber Stamped.

The issue that Mitt Romney has with the GOP. Is he’s not a Religious or Neoconservative, he believes in things like Anti Discrimination and Gay Rights. Or thats at least thats what he’ll tell Independent Voters, which will piss off the Far Right. But he’s not one of them and is more inline with the Ron Reagan wing of the party. Instead of the Christian Coalition Heritage Foundation Neoconservative wing of the party. He still needs these people to vote and turn out, work for him during the General Campaign. And still win a majority of Independent Voters. To have any shot of being elected President. And based on the Louisiana Primary results Saturday. Where he lost by over twenty points to a Neoconservative in Rick Santorum. He doesn’t have them yet.

If this was the Republican Party of 1992, running against President Obama. And Mitt Romney was their Presidential Nominee, with the economy, debt and deficit being what they  are. Mitt Romney would probably be an overwhelming favorite to be elected President this year. Because twenty years ago the GOP was still a Classical Conservative party. That saw people like Ron Reagan, Barry Goldwater. People they would view as Liberals today, as their heroes. But they are much farther to the right today. Much farther then Mitt Romney and he has to overcome that to be elected President.


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