FreeStatePlus: Mitt Romney Debate with Ted Kennedy 10/25/94: Making the case for Romney/Obamacare


Northeastern Republican

Mitt Romney Debate with Ted Kennedy (excerpt) – 10/25/94.

Romneycare or whatever the official name of the Massachusetts Healthcare Law. That then Governor Mitt Romney signed into law. When he was Governor, 2004 or 2005, a few years before he ran for President the first time. Is the biggest weakness that Mitt Romney has as a Republican Presidential Candidate, with the GOP. His Healthcare Law would be fine with a lot of other people. But whether Mitt Romney wants to admit it or not. He’s a Northeastern Republican, thats how he’s running for President. He knows Christian and Neoconservatives don’t trust him, because he doesn’t believe in telling people how to live their lives. He just doesn’t want to admit that but when we finally get to the General Election. Thats how he’ll be running for President to appeal to Independent Voters.

Romneycare is not the biggest weakness for Mitt Romney, with Independent Voters. Its his biggest weakness with the GOP, because he’s a Northeastern Republican. Running as someone who doesn’t believe in Big Government. And telling people how to live their lives, which is why he hasn’t pushed Social Issues. But because Romneycare looks like Big Government with today’s Republican Party. Which gives you an idea of the State of the GOP today. And also the fact that Obamacare was based off of Romneycare and the GOP. Knows this which is why Mitt hasn’t sold the deal with the GOP today. As you see in this video from Unedited Politics. An expert of the 1994 Romney-Kennedy US Senate Debate. Where he was laying out the argument for Romney’Obamacare.

If you look at the Affordable Care Act and the Massachusetts Healthcare Law. Its basically the same thing, and Individual Mandate for Health Insurance. So people can no longer pass their Healthcare Costs on to others. A Patients Bill of Rights, and a Tax Credit for people to buy Health Insurance. Who currently can’t afford it. And even though the Romney Campaign doesn’t want to admit this. The Republican Party knows this is true.


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