FreeStatePlus: President Reagan Farewell Speech – 1/11/89: The Last Conservative US President


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President Reagan Farewell Speech – 1/11/89.

I’m not a fan of President Ronald Reagan as far as someone I would vote for. Unless the Democratic Candidate was some Far Left Progressive. That I believe would Tax and Spend the economy into recession or something. And not do what it takes to defend the country. Someone like a Dennis Kucinich but I like Ron Reagan. Because of the competition he brings to the table. He gives Liberal Democrats someone they can respect and someone they know they have to bring their best game against. Or were going to get whipped, something both Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale found out. And another thing I respect about Reagan, was he scared the hell out of Progressives. And their theory of Welfare State Economics and that he would dismantle it.

Ron Reagan not only changed the Republican Party and taught Conservative Republicans. That Conservatism was mainstream because it was about conserving freedom. He also changed the Democratic Party and made them. Rethink their message and how they talk to Americans. Rethink how they talk about taxes, spending, crime, Foreign Policy, National Security and Welfare. And that they had to move towards the middle, not be in the middle. But become mainstream on these issues. In order to get elected nationally or they were going to continue to lose landslide Presidential Elections. Something a lesson the Bill Clinton learned very well in 1992. And something I think Mike Dukakis learned as well in 1988. But didn’t seem to be able to defend himself.

When Barry Goldwater ran for President in 1964. The United States was still in the Progressive era politically. We wanted a Welfare State and if anything looking to expand it. And didn’t even mind paying high taxes to pay for it. And had Lyndon Johnson ran for reelection in 1968 and got reelected. The America might have a Welfare State today instead of a Safety Net. So 1964 was not the time for Sen. Goldwater to get elected President. But by the late 1970s and 1980, America was moving right and were looking for more Individual Liberty and lower taxes. Ron Reagan sensed that and use that feeling to get elected President.


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