FreeStatePlus: “The Drug Legalization Dilemma”: Why the War on Drugs doesn’t work


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The drug legalization dilemma – HUMAN EVENTS.

Conservative Columnist George Will wrote a piece in the Washington Post today. About the War on Drugs, basically taking a Cost Benefit look at the War on Drugs. Looking at the Health Effects and the financial costs of fighting the War on Drugs. For example the amount of people we incarcerate as a result of the War on Drugs. For example Mr. Will came up with 500K people in prison. Dealing narcotics and if you add the people who are in prison. For simple Narcotics Possession or Narcotics Use. Its more like 700K people in prison for selling, using or possessing drugs in America.

Where we clearly have a large market of customers that want these drugs. And are in prison for what they have done to themselves. Not how they’ve hurt others, we have a total of 2M Prison Inmates in America. The largest Per Capita Prison Population at least in the Developed World. 2M is roughly the size of Dallas, Texas the city itself. The 6th or 7th largest city in the United States. We have enough Prison Inmates to fill up one of our largest cities. Will wasn’t laying out whether he was in favor or against the War on Drugs. Whether he even believes that legalizing marijuana in America. Would even be a good idea or not but looking at the costs and benefits of the War on Drugs as we stand.

I’m not a Conservative, even though I respect Classical Conservatism for what it actually is. I’m a Liberal Democrat and proud of that. But reading George Will tells me that there’s hope for Conservatism. That maybe Neoconservatism hasn’t killed off Conservatism all together. Because what Mr. Will was doing with today’s column, was simply looking at the War on Drugs. From a factual point of view, looking at the Costs and Benefits of it. Not looking at it based on faith or narrow ideology but the facts and research on the ground. Which tells me that not all Conservatives have given up on science.


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