FreeStatePlus: “Meet Latin America’s next Hugo Chavez”: Where Latin America may be moving to


Democratic Socialist America

CARDENAS: Meet Latin America’s next Hugo Chavez – Washington Times.

If you look at South America, you see a huge, vast country of 180M people. In Brazil thats physically the size of Continental America. Thats already an Economic Power, that will emerge as World Power as well. Similar to China, India and Russia. They have a Socialist System but they are Democratic Socialist. Similar to Europe, as well as being Energy Independent to the point. That the Obama Administration wants to import their oil, which is a mistake on our part. We should be producing our own oil but thats a different blog. The Federative Republic of Brazil as its officially called or FRB. Is not a Developed Nation yet but are getting there. And are farther along then Russia, China and India with their Living Standards.

If you look at Brazil’s neighbors, Venezuela, Argentina, Columbia and Chile. You see four potential Developed Nations, three of them definitely Democratic. Argentina, Columbia and Chile. And then there’s Venezuela that has a President that envisions himself. As the Fidel Castro of South America in Hugo Chavez. But may not make it that far, he’s not healthy and still has to compete in multi party elections. And could be defeated this fall but hopefully the next Venezuelan Administration. Will stop blaming America for its problems. And start solving their own problems, by freeing their people. To live their lives and be Self Reliant, with things like Economic and Job Growth. Allowing their people to run business’s and using their vast Oil Wealth o build their country.

I understand why people like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez are popular in Latin America. American Capitalism is not for everyone but State Ownership Socialism. Where the State owns the entire economy doesn’t work anywhere. Look at Cuba thats moved towards State Capitalism. And following China and Vietnam’s lead. The Scandinavian or European Model might be the path forward for South America. Or even the Brazilian Model, follow Brazil’s lead. Moving forward to build an Economic and Political System. That works best for these Developing Nations.


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