Reuters: The Exchange- Brazil and its Economic Model

Progressive Democrat

Progressive Democrat

Source: Reuters: Rob Cox Talks To Nicholas Lemann- The Exchange: Brazil and Its Economic Model

It’s good that President Obama is meeting with President Dilma Rousseff of the Federative Republic of Brazil this week. As far as I’m concerned anyway, the most developed of the Developing Nations in the World. And if they stick with their Democratic Socialist model. And stay on course, will be a Developed Nation before both China and India. America needs to be engage with countries like this both economically and diplomatically. But what the Rousseff Administration and their predecessors are trying to build in Brazil. Is not the path forward for America, Brazil is essentially a Democratic Socialist Republic. Or Socialist Democracy and America is a Liberal Democracy. We always have been and always will be.

Right Wingers and really the Far Right, Neoconservatives and others. Who always complain about Big Government, whether its President Obama or other Democrats. But the more they complain about Big Government. Actually support Big Government themselves and I’ve blogged about how in the past. Either are so ignorant or so partisan and against Barack Obama. That they don’t want to learn or can’t see through their partisanship about the President. So they label him things like Socialist or Authoritarian. They try to compare him with Adolph Hitler who was Socialist. Or try to link the President with Osama Bin Laden. Because Barack’s middle name is Osama. People tend to forget I guess, That Barack is half Kenyan. Shouldn’t be taken seriously as far as what they know about Barack Obama.

What President Obama is trying to build in the United States. Is what President Rousseff and other Democratic Socialists are trying to build in the Federative Republic. But with different approaches. President Obama wants to create a true Opportunity Society, where the American Dream. Can be achieved by everyone that gets a good education. Works hard and is productive and where everyone has a quality opportunity at a quality education. No matter the income level of their parents. By empowering all Americans, especially ones who’ve fallen behind. To reach success in life, this is different from Brazil that has more of a Centralize Socialist Government. Approach to achieving these things.

What works and has worked in America, is different from what’s working in Brazil. Neither approach is wrong but works well for their country. President Obama no more wants to transform America into a Socialist Republic. Then President Rousseff wants to transform Brazil into a Liberal Democracy.

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