FreeStatePlus: “Rep. Allen West’s Communist Comments about the Progressive Caucus”: Why Americans dislike Republicans and Democrats

West’s Communist Comments ‘Referring to … the Congressional Progressive Caucus’.

The fact that every single member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Except for Sen. Bernie Sanders who’s an Independent or a member of the Democratic Socialist Party. But caucus’s with Senate Democrats. If you understand American Politics and the Democratic Party. And your not some excuse the expression, partisan foot up their ass Republican. Who’s so partisan and ignorant, that they can’t tell the difference between Communists and Democrats. Or don’t want to tell the difference between Communists and Democrats. For political reasons, base on this alone, you know that House Progressives aren’t Communists. And to be honest with you, what I know about Rep. Allen West. Is that he’s at least a fairly intelligent person who knows better. And knows Progressives aren’t Communists. And made this statement for partisan reasons.

What the Progressive Caucus is made up of, are Democratic Socialists. Which is another way of saying Progressive, people who believe in improving society through the Federal Government. That there isn’t a problem in society that the Federal Government can’t solve. If it just has more power and more Tax Revenue. That we are better as a country working through the Federal Government. Then as individuals, they are collectivists not individualists. Forget about Progressives being Communists, they aren’t even Liberals. And if you understand what Liberalism is, you know that its different from both Progressivism and Communism. For example Communists don’t believe in Freedom of Speech and the Bill of Rights. Progressives do or they wouldn’t be Progressives.

What Rep. West said about the Progressive Caucus today. Is exactly what’s wrong with American Politics today. And both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of this. Saying something about the other party, to make them look as bad as possible. Whether its true or not, because the facts aren’t what’s important. When it comes to Partisan Attacks, what’s important, is what’s believable. What can they say thats negative about the other side. That people not only in our party will believe but what Independents will believe as well. And is exactly why Americans don’t like Republicans or Democrats right now. And why we are in a constant State of Gridlock. Because the American People doesn’t trust the other party enough. To give them enough power to pass their agenda.

Progressives are clearly on the Far Left, I don’t believe anyone who’s not a Progressive. Believes otherwise, they are Democratic Socialists. And will probably never have any real power in this country. Because of how unpopular Big Government and high taxes are. But thats different from Communists, who don’t  believe in any form of Individual Liberty. And put their faith in the State.


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