FreeStatePlus: “Bush-Reagan Republican Debate on Taxes – 4/24/80: The Debate about “Voodoo Economics


Old School Republicans

Bush-Reagan Republican Debate on Taxes – 4/24/80.

Its not Democrats that gave birth to the term “Voodoo Economics”. Its George H.W. Bush, its just that Democrats that have used that term. I believe correctly ever since against Republicans. Who believe in Supply Side Economics, which is a combination. Of deep across the board Tax Cuts and large Budget Increases. The theory being that with this combination, that the Economic Growth generated by that. Would bring in enough revenue to pay for the Tax Cuts and Government Spending. George H.W. Bush was an Old School Republican, including on Economic Policy. That if government is going to spend money or cut revenue. That it had to pay for it, to avoid high deficits and debt. Ron Reagan got behind Supply Side Economics in 1978 or 79.

Even though George Bush and Ron Reagan were different on Economic Policy. They represented what the Republican Party use to be. That government shouldn’t be running peoples lives and telling them how to live. Keep taxes and spending down, especially Bush on spending. And Reagan on taxes , strong defense and a limited Foreign Policy. That was about defending Americans interests. Not trying to run the World and you got to see a lot of that in this Republican Debate. And both would be considered too Liberal to run for President in the GOP today. Which is how far to the right the GOP has moved.


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