FreeStatePlus: “All the Angry Liberals”: How Classical Liberals are similar with Classical Conservatives

TYRRELL: All the angry liberals – Washington Times.

As a Liberal myself, I find myself writing about Liberalism a lot. Wrote a blog about Liberalism on a different blog this week. In fact correcting Right Wing Columnist and talk Show Host. Dennis Prager about how wrong he is about Liberalism. Wrote a blog about Liberalism last week, again on a different blog. Explaining some of the differences between Liberalism and Libertarianism. They are similar but different but as much as Liberals may debate each other. And exchange Partisan Attacks towards each other. They are actually the two most similar Political Ideologies on the Political Spectrum. Because they are both based on the same principles. Individual Liberty, US Constitution and Bill of Rights, Rule of Law and Limited Government. Which is why Liberalism is Center Left and Conservatism is Center Right.

If your talking about the differences between Liberals and Conservatives. And I mean real Liberals not Progressives/Democratic Socialists. And real Conservatives not Religious or Neoconservatives. Because you have to know who your talking about before you talk about them. Otherwise you would be another fool commenting on something you don’t understand. And it would be foolish to talk to you, to quote a fellow blogger of mine. And you would just be speaking out of your ass. Liberals and Progressives aren’t twins, they are two different Political Factions. Sen. John Kerry and Sen. Bernie Sanders have different views in how to accomplish things. Sen. Kerry is a Liberal and Sen. Sanders is a Progressive.

Conservatives aren’t twins with Religious and Neoconservatives. Conservatives like Liberals again believe in Individual Liberty, Religious and Neoconservatives like Progressives are collectivist. Don’t believe in Individual Liberty but in what they would call National Morality. And to ensure that we have to limit Individual Liberty. How people live their own lives, for the good of the country. Mitt Romney who’s basically a Classical Conservative. A big believer in Individual Liberty, not just Economic Freedom. Or Religious Freedom of Christians but someone who believes Free Adults should be able to live their own lives. Is different from Rick Santroum who’s both a Religious and Neoconservative. And Sen. Santroum had his way, a lot of things that are currently legal, would be illegal.

I say that Liberalism is very similar to Conservatism but yet I’m a Liberal across the board. And you might be wondering why, which is fairly simple. Conservatives tend to look at the World in black and white, good and evil. And a lot of times things in life are literally that clear. But not always there is such a thing as a grey area. And Liberals I believe, we are better at rethinking what we believe as new evidence comes in. That contradicts us, where Conservatives, tend to stay pat and are less willing to change. Which is part of being Conservative keeping as is. Which in a political sense is generally a good thing. Conserving our US Constitution, Individual Liberty and Limited Government. But life isn’t always that clear.


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