FreeStatePlus: “It’s Mitt Romney versus Jimmy Carter”: Nice Try more like John Kerry vs George W. Bush

ALLBAUGH: It’s Romney versus Carter – Washington Times.

I read the Washington Times everyday and no I’m not a Right Winger. I’m not a Republican, I’m a Liberal Democrat but I read the Washington Times for a few reasons. One I’m a Washingtonian and Its a local paper obviously. I live in a metropolis with several different newspapers. Including the Washington Post that I consider to be the best paper in the nation. Two as a Liberal I like to know what the other side is thinking, both the Right and the Far Right. And the Times represents both sides of the Right Wing. Three occasionally they write a column thats actually worth reading and interesting. With even a few facts in them, not the ones I read today though. The other reason being sometimes I just need a good laugh.

Today I read a column in the Washington Times by a writer named Joe Albaugh. Who was arguing that the 2012 Presidential Election will be like 1980. When the Republican Ronald Reagan beat the Democrat President Jimmy Carter. By a landslide, saying things that President Obama inherited a bad situation. But he made to worst, I’ll give Mr. Albaugh credit, most Right Wingers aren’t even willing to admit. That Barack Obama inherited a bad situation and still push the policies of President Bush. Its hard to argue the economy is worse then it was three years ago. When in January 2009, the economy was in the heart of the “Great Recession”. That started in late 2008 and we were losing 700K jobs a month and detracting at 7% GDP. We are now growing and creating jobs again and the Unemployment Rate that peaked at around 10%, is now coming down.

When your making an argument and the facts aren’t on your side. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your case. In 1980 President Carter had an economy thats almost as bad as it was in 2008-09. Which is probably the main reason why he lost reelection. In 2004 President Bush had an economy that was coming out of recession. But still wasn’t doing great, he had a net loss in jobs his first four years. He wasn’t reelected because of the economy but because of his opponent. And the country decided to stick with the guy they knew. Instead of taking a chance on someone they didn’t know. And President Bush won reelection but finished within 100K votes in Ohio of losing reelection.

Mitt Romney and John Kerry have a few things in common. That Democrats and the Obama Campaign will remind the country. Over and over again. they are both from Massachusetts or currently reside there. They’ve both held Public Office there, they both have Liberal leanings. And they both have a habit of changing their minds. At least in John Kerry’s case, its only the Iraq War vote that hurt him. And how he couldn’t explain his new position, despite having two years to do it. All of these things that Mitt wants Republicans to forget and Independents to remember. Which makes 2012 look like 2004 with the President being reelected.


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