FreeStatePlus: “Marco Rubio is No Dick Cheney, But He’s Also Not Sarah Palin”: Why Democrats would Choose Marco Rubio for VP

GOP Rock Star

via Rubio’s No Cheney, But He’s Also Not Palin.

Of course this would never happened nor should but if Democrats. Got to select Mitt Romney’s nominee for Vice President, Sen. Marco Rubio would be on our list. If we could have a top 5-10 VP List for Mitt Romney. Sarah Palin again, followed by Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Rep. Paul Ryan, Governor Chris Christie and Governor Niki Haley. Then followed by Sen. Marco Rubio who would be their best selection. From this group, which is why none of these people. Will be selected by Mitt Romney to be Vice President. Sen. Rubio helps Governor Romney with Latin Americans and the Tea Party. But mainly the Tea Party and Cuban Americans, especially in Florida. But has other flaws that will keep him from being selected.

Mitt Romney is running for President and is running as someone. With a lot of good experience and judgement, someone who’s come into bad situations. And has turned them around, Sen. Rubio is the GOP version of John Edwards of 2004. Sen. John Kerry was behind President Bush by double digits in the summer of 2004. And though he needed someone with Star Power, that the base would love. He got that with Sen. Edwards but nothing else and was still almost elected President based on what he did. Mitt Romney could be headed into the summer of 20012. Behind badly to the President and feel the need to select someone with Star Power as well. He may get that with Sen. Rubio but it would cost him in other areas.

Marco Rubio is forty two, he’s in my generation and just five years older. Being elected to the Senate in 2010, is by far the biggest job he’s ever had. Before that, he was Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. If you watched the Vice Presidential debate between Vice President Cheney and Sen. Edwards back in 2004. It was like watching a debate between a man and a boy, a teacher vs a student. In 2008 same thing between Sen. Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin. And this year a Rubio-Biden debate would be the same thing. Plus the fact that Sen. Rubio is affiliated with the Tea Party. A movement that Mitt Romney needs the support and help of to get elected. But can’t afford to be seen supporting with Independent Voters.

Mitt Romney needs to select someone for Vice President. Thats trusted by the GOP but wouldn’t scare away Independents. Someone like Sen. Lindsay Graham, Sen. John Thune, perhaps Sen. Bob McDonnell. These choices may seem boring but they would balance the ticket. Sen. Rubio has a bright future but his time for National Office is not now.


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