Education Gap How The World Works: Wealth Inequality in America

I don’t like the term income inequality because its a bogus term that suggest some people have a lot more wealth then others and have achieved that unfairly. When the fact is if you look at the amount of wealth that wealthy people have or upper middle class people have. Or even middle class people have and then you compare their wealth to the lack of resources that people in poverty have. And you look at what the wealthy people as well as what middle class people do for a living. And then you look at what people in poverty do for a living or even lower working class and thats assuming they work for a living. And you look at the education levels, you’ll see that to just live in the middle class in America. You need a pretty good education, that dropping out of high school unless you are a very talented entertainer. Is not going to do it and same thing as it relates to college.

We don’t have so many people in poverty in this country because the wealthy and others are stealing the money that low income people should have. We don’t have so much as income inequality or even an income gap in America. As much as we have an education gap in America and for people who don’t finish high school or even finish college. Their chances of being successful in America are simply not very good. But the better they can get an education and get into job training, the more skills they are going to have and the better their chances are of being successful in life. I don’t blame wealthy people and corporations in America for the larger population of low income Americans. But I blame our education system and our politicians for not producing enough well educated workers who can not only succeed in college but be able to succeed in the workforce as well.

You want to have more people living in the middle class or doing better and have less people living in poverty if anyone. Then we simply have to bridge the education gap in America. And have a better education system that produces more high school graduates. But more importantly more high school graduates who are not just college ready but ready to succeed in college. As well as more college graduates but more college graduates who are ready to succeed in the global economy. And we need to provide more and better job opportunities for unemployed people, as well as low income workers so they can move up in society.


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