Southern Avenger: Politics: Jack Hunter: Libertarianism For Social Conservatives: Defining Social-Conservatism in America

Definition of a Conservative

Definition of a Conservative

Southern Avenger: Politics: Jack Hunter: Libertarianism For Social Conservatives: Defining Social-Conservatism in America.

I agree with Conservative blogger Jack Hunter that Libertarians. And Social-Conservatives shouldn’t be at odds. And if you think about it and go to the exact definition of a social-Conservative. Or Libertarian, a Social-Liberal such as myself but I’m Liberal across the board. They are the really the same thing when it comes to social issues in this sense. We all believe in  the individual and that they should have the last say and. Personal freedom and that the individual should be making these. Decisions as they relate to their own lives, not government or a faction. Of the country imposing their beliefs on the rest of the country. We differ on abortion but that’s because Libertarians and Social-Conservatives. Who who are pro-life on abortion, believe that life starts at conception. And we differ on the role of government of course. But not how it relates to personal freedom.

Its not that Social-Conservativism is at odds with Libertarianism but. That Religious-Conservativism or as I prefer to call it Religious-Statism. Is at odds with Libertarianism and Conservatism and Liberalism broadly. In a political sense and why do I say that when people who think of. Social-Conservatives, they  tend to think of Rick Santorum or Pat Robertson. Or some other member of the Religious-Right. I say that because the religious-right and the Social-Right are different. Conservatism in a political sense is about conserving freedom for the individual. Not imposing someone’s beliefs on the whole country because. This is what they believe is immoral and this is what it means to be. Moral and be an American and Religious-Conservatives look at politics. Through a religious lens and their interpretation of the bible. Conservatives look at politics from the lens of the U.S. Constitution which are two different things.

So Libertarians and Social-Conservatives shouldn’t be at odds with each. Other or fear each other, because they both believe in the same things in. Large part, perhaps differ on the War on Drugs and national security. Policy and that sorta thing but that Americans should have the freedom. To live their own lives as long as they aren’t hurting innocent people.



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