Real Clear Politics: Opinion- John Kass- Will Tolerance For The Faithful Be Tolerated?: What Equal Protection Under The Law is About


Equal Justice For All

Equal Justice For All

Source: This piece was originally posted at FreeState Plus.

Equal protection under the law is simply that, to say that government not the people are required to treat all Americans equally. And enforce the laws equally for all Americans, not treat some Americans better or worse than other Americans. And for the most part in the United States government all levels. Except as it relates to sexuality where Heterosexuals or Straights are treated better under law and by government then Homosexuals or Gays. I’m not a lawyer but that looks Unconstitutional on its face and why the U.S. Supreme Court is dealing with the Defense of Marriage Act which under law denies Gay couples the same benefits as Straight couples. And why DOMA and California Proposition Eight is Unconstitutional on its face.

Equal protection under law doesn’t mean that Americans are forced to treat to respect Gays or be in favor of Gay marriages or be in favor of Homosexuality broadly. Or that houses of worship that disapprove of Homosexuality and Gay weddings will be forced to approve of it and perform Gay weddings. EPC just means that government can’t discriminate against Gays just because they are Gay. They also can’t treat Gays better because they are Gay but they simply have to treat them equally. And Christian-Conservatives who tend not to be in favor of separation of church and state should be in favor of SCS. Because government under the U.S. Constitution can’t enforce houses of worship to perform same-sex marriage or be in favor of Homosexuality broadly. So these churches could still perform business as usual.

So equal protection under the law doesn’t cover how Americans treat each other or how we interact with each other. And force all Americans to embrace each other and so-forth. It just covers how government in America treats its citizens and that we are all entitled to the same right and not to be treated. Better or worse under law.


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