Jay Argonaut-C-SPAN: U.S. Senator Rand Paul at Howard University: How The GOP Could Win Back African-Americans

The Party of Lincoln

The Party of Lincoln

Source: Jay Argonaut-C-SPAN: U.S. Senator Rand Paul at Howard University

This is a very smart play on Senator Rand Paul’s part because what he’s doing is saying that Republicans haven’t given up on the African-American community. At least not the Conservative-Libertarian wing in that Senator Paul basically leads now. And this will probably offend the Neoconservatives people who I call Neo-Confederates people who want to take America back to the. 1950s when personal-freedom wasn’t as popular and we were more Collectivist culturally and less. Individualistic as a country, who believe that the GOP shouldn’t try to appeal to anyone outside of their current Bible Belt/Neoconservative base. That they should just have one message and the people who believe in it will follow it and we do not need the rest. But that’s exactly why Republicans lost in 2012 because their current base is not large enough for them to win nationally. Or at the U.S. Senate level which is why we have Democratic Senators in very red-states like Indiana and North Dakota to use as examples.

What Senator Paul is saying is that we are still the “Party of Lincoln” or still want to be that party. We are the party that freed the African-slaves in the 1860s, that desegregated schools in the South in the 1950s. That without Democratic Congress’s in the 1960s would’ve never of passed the civil-rights laws. Because at the time the Confederates were in the Democratic Party. We are still the party that believes in personal-freedom and civil-liberties to go along with. Economic freedom or at least that Conservative-Libertarian wing of the party that Rand Paul basically leads. Now is still there that Reagan-Republicans are still around and the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world do not run represent the whole party. We are still the party that’s against racism towards African-Americans or any other race of people. That we know our party is too small and we need new voters and we have a message that should appeal to you.

As I’ve blogged before it’s not Conservatism that’s the problem with the Republican Party. But people who call themselves Conservatives who really are not Conservative that are the problem for the GOP. And as a result make the GOP look bad and intolerant towards Americans who normally do not vote Republican. And what Senator Paul is saying is that there are actual real Conservatives in the GOP that have a message that can appeal to the whole country.

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