The American Conservative: Carl T. Bogus: Edmond Burke Not William Buckley: Conservatism vs Traditionalism







Burke Not Buckley | The American Conservative.

Where are the Bill Buckley’s in the Republican Party when they need them. It’s a good thing Conservative writer George Will is still around so people can actually see what Conservatism is. And not how its being portrayed today by people who call themselves Conservatives but who are actually not that familiar with Conservatism. Reading this article in the American Conservative is a perfect example of why I see Liberalism as similar to Conservatism and Libertarianism but. Clearly different that neither Liberalism and Conservatism are antistate but anti big-state which is different. They simply do not believe that it’s the job of government to try to run our lives for us. Which is why we now see Liberals and Conservatives who are in favor of Gay-marriage, marijuana-legalization and. Against the broader War on Drugs in general, as well as now even showing opposition both factions against the War on Terror especially as it relates to the. Fourth amendment with Neoconservatives or Traditionalists defending the status for our own good and that. Personal-freedom is dangerous for our national-security and moral-character and that we need new restrictions on it.

And of course Libertarians are anti big-state as well but they tend to at least today sound antistate all together. And now even seem to be in favor of privatizing public police departments something that Liberals and Conservatives would never propose. What I call the Ron Paul Anarcho-Libertarian wing of the Republican Party. But a big reason why I respect Bill Buckley so much even though of course we didn’t agree on everything. Was that he was exactly what people who call themselves Conservatives say they are today. A believer in choice and individual-freedom and that big-government is too much government. And that the Federal Government shouldn’t be involved in things like marriage or the War on Drugs. Unlike the Rick Santorum wing of the Republican Party lets call them the Neoconservative/Traditionalist wing of the GOP. That not only wants to conserve the status quo but impose new restrictions on how Americans. Can live their own lives for our own good.

The Republican Party is going through a very interesting time right now that could turn out to be very positive. And set them off in a direction where they can be very competitive in the future even at the national level and even be a governing-party again. Even if they go through a civil-war to get there. Because right now there’s a struggle right now going on in the GOP. Between the Bill Buckley Conservative wing led by lets say Senator Rand Paul. The Neoconservative-Traditionalist wing of the GOP led by lets say former U.S. Representative and Senator Rick Santorum. And the what I call the Anarcho-Libertarian wing of the GOP led by former U.S. Representative Ron Paul. And the battle will be between Conservatives who believe in individual-freedom both economic and personal. Who are pro strong national-defense and foreign-policy but that is limited. And anti big-government spending but anti big-government across the board. Vs the Rick Santorum wing who wants to protect the status quo and put in new restrictions on how Americans can live their own lives for our own. Good and the Ron Paul Anarcho-Libertarians who want to get government out of everything.

It’s not clear which faction in the GOP will win yet but by judging by the support of the Paul’s and how young they are. And the fact the country is becoming more Liberal and Libertarian even in a Conservative sense when it comes to Libertarianism. For the Republican Party to be viable in the future at the national level, they can’t be seen as a big-government party that’s trying to protect. The status quo just because that’s how things have always been done and are going to need to get back to the states-rights Federalist roots. To remain a competitive party in the future.


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