Washington Examiner Editorial: Competitive Federalism Can Restore Government’s Credibility: How To Reform Government By Not Slashing It

Grow, Cut and Reform to Prosperity

Grow, Cut and Reform to Prosperity

Examiner Editorial: 'Competitive federalism' can restore government's credibility | WashingtonExaminer.com.

This is the second editorial that I’ve liked from the right-wing Washington Examiner. That combines both Conservative-Libertarian thinking and Neoconservative thinking. Sort of the Rand Paul wing of the Republican Party and the Rick Santorum wing of the Republican Party. The first Examiner editorial that I liked was back in December that was written. By Libertarian Tim Carney that was about Jim DeMint’s move to the Neoconservative Heritage Foundation to run that think tank. So as a Liberal I’m not sure whether to look at this from a positive and egotistical viewpoint. That perhaps the Washington Examiner is getting smarter because it agrees with me on something. Or look at it from a cynical viewpoint that maybe I should reexamine my own Liberal thinking because I just agreed with the Washington Examiner on something. Sorta how a Conservative might thing if they just saw a Liberal editorial written by the Washington Post. I’m going to go positive here because Federalism is something that I believe in.

As a Liberal-Democrat I do not believe we can ever cut our way to prosperity no matter what the Tea Party says. That we simply have to big of a hole both economically. With such a low economic-growth rate and still so many people unemployed and underemployed. That no matter how much credit you want to give President Clinton and Congressional Democrats and Republicans in the 1990s for deficit-reduction. And balancing the budget and running surplus’ by 1998, that we never get there without the economic-boom we had for most of that decade. So whatever deficit-reduction plan you come up with. If you are actually trying to solve our economic and fiscal problems. You have to combine that with a plan that leads us back to 4-5% economic-growth and two hundred thousand plus jobs created every month with falling unemployment. And as we are doing that we can then grow, cut and reform our way back to prosperity with a Federalist approach.

So what is grow, cut and reform our way back to prosperity look like. It starts with an economic growth package that combines infrastructure investment in the hundreds of billions of dollars a year but from a Federalist approach that is paid for. Along with tax-reform that lowers taxes on business’s and the money that they invest in America. But again that is paid for and then when you get to the Federal-budget. You ask and answer some questions. Do we need a Federal food-assistance program. Or would that be better run at the state and local levels. Do we need a Federal public-housing program or would that be better run at the state and local levels. Do we need Federal unemployment and retirement insurance programs. Or would they be run better at the state and local levels. Do we need Federal health-insurance programs from the poor and elderly. Or would they be better run at the state and local levels.

Grow, cut and reform is about economic-growth, cutting or eliminating things from the Federal-budget we simply do not need. And reforming things that we do need but need them to be more cost-effective and work better. By decentralizing a lot of these social-programs and letting the states run them. And having the Feds serve as a regulator to see what works and what doesn’t work around the country.


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