Braahp 360: Video: Ronald Reagan: Support of GOP Presidential Nominee Barry Goldwater: Peace Through Strength vs Accommodation: 10/27/1964

Time For a Choosing

Time For a Choosing

Revolution Builder

Revolution Builder

Ronald Reagan Support of Barry Goldwater (10/27/1964) – YouTube.

What we saw from the Reagan-Revolution of 1980 that not only brought the Republican Party back to the White House with Ronald Reagan. And won back the U.S. Senate for the Republican Party for the first time since 1952, Senate Republicans lost the Senate in 1954. All of this work and the Conservatives that came to power in the GOP in the late 1970s and early 1980s. All of this work started in 1964 with Barry Goldwater and his landslide Presidential election lost of 1964. Which might sound strange but if you are familiar with the phrase that before you can rebuild or start. Over you have to crash and get to the bottom or things can’t get better until they get worst. Or as President Richard Nixon said as he was leaving the White House in 1974. That you’ll never know what its like to be on the mountaintop until you’ve been to the bottom of the valley. That’s what was going on in the GOP in 1964 and in the mid and 1960s in general. They were rebuilding and in transition and moving from primarily a Northeastern and Midwestern party to becoming more of a. National party that could compete with Democrats across the country.

And part of this change came politically and on policy that the Republican Party on national-security and on foreign-policy. Was not only going to a Conservative-Internationalist party that they had been since President Dwight Eisenhower. But that their foreign-policy was going to be about what Barry Goldwater and others called peace through strength. That we weren’t going to look to invade countries that we do not like but we were going to be strong enough that no other. Country would be dumb enough to want to attack us. Which is Conservative and not Neoconservative which is what we got from President George W. Bush that became about preemptive war and. Regime change that we need to eliminate rogue-states not just for our own security but for the security. Of our own allies and on economic-policy, the Republican Party which had already been. Conservative-Libertarian and not big fans of the welfare-state. But now they were going to be very vocal on that and recruit more Republicans who believed in individualism and economic-freedom. And lowering taxes and regulations.

In this short video clip you see Ron Reagan layout a big part of the new Republican vision for the country. And where they wanted to take America if they were to win back power and that they weren’t going to be about. How do we become a lighter version of the Democratic Party but a party that’s much different from the Democratic Party. And offering the country a much different choice in who to vote for.


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