AEI: Politics: Michael Barone: “Not Such a Hot Idea”: Liberal and Conservative Parties: Why Voters Should Have Choice in Who to Vote For

Two Party System

Two Party System

Not such a hot idea: Liberal and conservative parties – Politics and Public Opinion – AEI.

It’s not Liberal or Conservative or I would argue not even Democrat or Republican. That’s the problem with the American political-system but the fringes in both parties that even though they represent a small faction in each party. And even if you put them together would represent small factions in the broader American-electorate that tend to be somewhere. Between Liberal and Conservative ideologically but not Socialist on the Far-Left and Theocratic or Neoconservative on the Far-Right. Which who Democrats and Republicans both have to appeal to win elections. But first since even though their fringes are relatively small even in their own parties. They are large enough to cost the parties elections if they do not vote for the Democrats or Republicans. Or could cost them an election by running against them in a primary and costing the Democrat or Republican. Money that they are going to need to defeat the Democrat or Republican in the general-election. It’s not Liberals or Conservatives that is the problem with American-politics but our two-party system that is.

If we had a real Liberal-Democratic Party and a real Conservative-Republican Party. Where it wasn’t just the leaders that were Liberal and Conservative but the parties as a whole. Where they didn’t have Socialists and New-Leftists on the Far-Left and Neoconservatives and Theocrats on the Far-Right to deal with. Because we would have a Liberal-Democratic Party, a Conservative-Republican Party, a Libertarian Party, a Socialist Party lets say on the Far-Left. And lets say a Confederate Party on the Far-Right. And all of these political parties had universal ballot access and were all part of polls that were conducted about the candidates so they were known. And all of them in the debates even. Support for Democrats and Republicans would go up automatically. Because Americans tend to be between Liberal and Conservative, not Socialist and Theocratic or however you want to define the Far-Right. And Americans would have more trust in Democrats and Republicans and more of a willingness to give them power. Even all of the power to run the government.

It’s not even the fringes on the Left and Right that are the problem with American-politics. It’s the fact that they have a major voice and power in major parties that is and if they had their own political parties. Now they would have to make the case of why they should be elected and have power. On their own and have to raise their own resources instead of having the support of a major party backing them. And as a result you would see Republicans running to the Center-Right and the middle and to win and getting reelected, as well as governing that way. And Democrats running to the Center-Left to get elected and reelected and governing that way. Without having to worry about their Far-Left or Far-Right not voting for them or challenging them in a primary. Because they are no longer in the same party and those people have to go out and win votes on their own and not get to count on Democrats and Republicans voting for them.

We all have a right to speak and have a voice and I believe in that even for the fringes. But if you are going to be a governing-party in America or represent the official-opposition. There’s a certain level of responsibility that comes with that and taking strange positions that you normally wouldn’t take because of fears of backlash. From your far-flank in the party is not a responsible way to govern or even govern a political party. Which is why all of our political factions should be represented in American-politics.


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