Commentary Magazine: Seth Mandel- The Right Way to Reduce Inequality: How to Create a Real Race to The Top in America

Income and Education Gap

Income and Education Gap

“pThe most recent Gallup poll, which shows a majority of Americans believe that some of their neighbors have too much money and that the government should therefore confiscate and redistribute some of it, is likely to please the president, who based his reelection campaign on class resentment. Though Gallup paints this as vindication for the […]/p”

Source:  Commentary Magazine: Seth Mandel- The Right Way to Reduce Inequality

I guess there are three competing ideological factions competing with each other that care about poverty in America. And who want to reduce it and one of them from Conservatives is about reducing taxes and regulations on the wealthy and employers. And the theory being that the money would be invested back in companies which would create more good jobs in the country. As well as expanding private school choice for low-income kids stuck in failing schools so they have a shot at a good education. The Progressive or Socialist approach is about taking what’s in the current economic pie. With an excise tax on the wealthy and spreading that wealth around so it reaches more people as Progressives see it as equally. As well as invest more in public schools and job training. As a Liberal myself I like the job training idea.

Going back to the Clinton Administration and even further back to the Democratic Leadership Council in the 1980s. When what we call Welfare to Work was created. The Liberal economic idea was about empowerment, empowering those who need it to be able to climb the economic latter in America. And that’s where I come down as a Liberal that the way to create more haves and have fewer have-nots. Is to create more wealth for the people who do not have it by empowering them to be able to create their own wealth. Through things like real education reform of our public schools so all students would have the option of going to a good public school. And not be stuck having to go to a bad school because of where they live. As well as job training for workers who are unemployed so they can get themselves a good job. As well as job training for low-income workers so they can get themselves a good job and not have to work in poverty.

The way to close what again I call the income and education gap in America. And not what’s called income-inequality, is to create more wealth especially for Americans who do not have it. And you do that by encouraging people to be successful and productive and then allowing them to enjoy the rewards of their success. And while you are doing this you are empowering those towards the bottom to be able to create their own wealth. You do this by expanding the economic pie, not by trying to spread out the current economic pie. And that gets to education and job training.


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