Jack Rabbit Media: Video: Barry Goldwater’s 1964 Television Ad Campaign: Running Against Big Government

Goldwater For President

Goldwater For President

Barry Goldwater's 1964 Television Ad Campaign – YouTube.

This is the Barry Goldwater I know and love as a Liberal-Democrat myself because when he was running against big government and speaking out against big government. He was actually serious and not just using phrases like big government to get Americans to back him like you see with a lot of current. Republicans but then support big government policies like No Child Left Behind or the expansion of Medicare. That came from a Republican President and a Republican Congress. Or constitutional amendments to give the Federal Government the ability to regulate marriage or outlaw pornography or. Outlaw gambling or the War on Drugs or Patriot Act, indefinite-detention, warrantless-wiretapping all of these policies. Coming from todays Republican Party but you didn’t get that from Barry Goldwater or someone who tried to combine religion with government. But with Goldwater you got a real Conservative who was truly against big government.


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