Commentary: Opinion: Peter Wehner: Conservatism and The Limitations of Self-Reliance: A Weakness of Conservatism





Conservatism and the Limitations of Self-Reliance « Commentary Magazine.

Here’s an example of why I’m a Liberal and not a Conservative or. A Libertarian as I’ve argued before the main difference between Liberalism. And Conservatism or Libertarianism has to do with the role of. Government that by in large Liberals and Conservatives tend to believe. In the same things like individual freedom both economic and personal. As well as individual-responsibility so to put it simply that we all make. Our beds in life but then are responsible for sleeping in our own. Beds and not trying to pass the costs of our mistakes onto others. But where we differ is on the role of government and where government should. Play a role in insuring that all Americans have the freedom to make their own beds in life.

This is an example of why I’m a Liberal and not a Conservative and why I. Respect and even like New Gingrich and how many Democrats do you. Know would ever dare say something like that because he’s a. Right-winger however you define his politics that believes that. Private enterprise and self-reliance and economic-freedom are not. Enough to ensure that people who can’t pull themselves up by their own. Bootstraps so to speak if they do not have any boots or even straps. That for people who simply do not have the skills to be successful in life. Self-reliance means nothing to them because they are simply not self-reliant. That for them to become self-reliant and live in freedom. They simply have to get themselves the skills to do so. Which is why Welfare to Work from back to 1996 was so important. And has been so successful because it was about taking a certain population. Of the country that didn’t have skills and much of an education to be successful in. Life who were on Welfare and empowering them to be able to get themselves the skills. That they needed to go to work and become self-reliant.

As a Liberal I do not believe that job of government is to take care of people. But to protect us from people who would do us harm but not try to protect. Us from ourselves and to create an environment where we can all be successful. And live in freedom in life and that get’s to things like. Education not K-12 or K-College but make education a lifelong tool that. People can use to constantly improve themselves so they always are able. To be successful in life and Newt Gingrich on the right is someone who.

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Also understands this that he might not completely agree with me on. Education but that without education people cannot be self-reliant and live in freedom.


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