Nixon Foundation: President Nixon’s Silent Majority Speech, 1969: The Reagan Democratic Coalition


Source: Nixon Foundation 

Source: Nixon Foundation: The Great Silent Majority- Full Version

The so-called silent majority, a term that Richard Nixon coined when he was running for President in 1968, is the same coalition that won the 1968 presidential election for Dick Nixon, that got him reelected in 1972. That brought Republican victories in the late 1970s to Congress and at the state level. That elected Ronald Reagan President in 1980, that won back the U.S. Senate for Republicans in 1980 with an eleven seat pickup. That gave House Republicans a thirty seat pickup in 1980 even though they were still way short of a majority in the House of Representatives. But along with the Southern Democrats and the Republican Senate gave Congressional Republicans an ideological majority in Congress with the Senate and House Republicans to go along with Southern House Democrats. And part of this coalition was of course the Religious-Right that use to be Democrats. And were against things like the civil rights movement, but weren’t called the Religious-Right in the 1960s. That term came around in the late 1970s. As well as blue-collar Democrats who were against things like high taxes and welfare spending.


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