Nixon Foundation: Video: President Richard Nixon: Second Inauguration: January, 1973

Domestic President

Domestic President

President Richard Nixon: Second Inauguration – YouTube.

Without Watergate and it’s hard to get that scandal out of any American’s mind whose familiar with it. But without Watergate this would’ve been the second term of President Richard Nixon and what he would’ve been pushing in his second term. The new relationships with Russia and China, perhaps trying to open up a relationship with Communist Vietnam. But he had more of a foreign-policy agenda but as more about Richard Nixon’s Presidency has come out. We also see what the domestic President Richard Nixon would’ve been that he had a real Conservative-Federalist agenda that he wanted to. Accomplish as well that would’ve revamped and reformed the safety-net in America, where Welfare to Work that became law in 1996. That law was being pushed by the Nixon Administration in 1973 but he didn’t have the political-power to push it through. But his whole approach at it related to the safety-net would’ve moved us past the New Deal and Great Society. Instead of more power for the Federal Government, more power from Washington being returned to the states and locals as it came. To running these social-insurance programs Welfare Insurance just being one of them.

You hear the line that President Nixon that it’s time to move away from Washington knows best. And return more power to the states and locals as well as the people themselves. Which is what Welfare to Work became about in 1996 that people need to be able to take care of themselves rather being. Able to live off of government their whole lives and that Washington doesn’t have all of the answers and that a lot of times. People simply just need the skills to be able to take care of themselves which is why education and job-training are so important. But that was just part of President Nixon’s second term agenda, he also had a plan for healthcare-reform that became what Republicans were. Pushing in the 1990s especially during the healthcare-reform debate of 1993-94 that all Americans should have health-insurance. But that they should get their own health-insurance and that government should help people who can’t afford health-insurance be able to get. It which is what the 2010 Affordable Care Act was based on.

President Nixon was also talking about energy-policy and creating a national energy policy that would get us off of foreign-oil. And be built around developing American domestic energy-resources which would’ve been a big boost to the economy that would’ve helped us in the 1970s. But President Nixon’s second term agenda was a victim of the Watergate scandal something that. President Nixon brought on himself that he didn’t have to.


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