Nixon Foundation: President Nixon’s Energy Policy Address, 1973

Domestic President

Domestic President

The 1970s as a decade could probably be summed up in one word, scandal from Watergate to the other issues involving President Nixon. To the pardon of Richard Nixon by President Ford in 1974. As well as other scandals not involving politics or at least Richard Nixon. But economically the one word that could be used to sum up the 1970s is energy. Or shortage or crisis, one of these three words to sum up and entire decade because this was a decade that had two recessions. One in 1974-75 and the other in 1979-80 and the energy shortage of 1973 with the Middle Eastern oil-embargo. And the energy shortage of 1978-79 and I give the three presidents that had to deal with these shortages credit. For one thing which is recognizing the problems for what they were and that we simply need to use energy better. While at the same time producing more energy in this country by producing more domestic natural resources.


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