Metrazzo Electricity: Video: Debate: William F. Buckley vs John K. Galbraith: Supply Side Economics vs Keynesian Economics

William F. Buckley



William Buckley vs Keynesian Economist – YouTube.

When I see a debate like this I first ask myself are there any other choices. Other than to cut taxes so deeply and get the government almost completely out of the economy other than to subsidize. Big business’s that not need the money or have government tax and spend so much the theory being that. This would create good jobs for everyone and everyone would benefit. Because whatever you think of either Supply Side Economics or Keynesian-Economics they are both theories of what was. Coined in the 1980s as Trickle Down Economics they just have different approaches on how the money would trickle down. Keynesians believing that put a lot of money at the top with the central government whatever the country. Have the central government collect a lot of money in taxes and then spend that money on the people’s behalf. Benefiting everyone whereas the Supply Siders theory of Trickle Down Economics is put a lot of money at the top with wealthy individuals and business’s. And they’ll invest that money in the private-sector creating jobs and so forth that would benefit everyone.


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