Propaganda Buster: Video: “Obama The New Nixon”: Time For Real Time



Obama the new Nixon – YouTube.

I’ll give this guy credit listening to this video and every other right-wing charge against President Obama trying to make him look like President Nixon. Is funny because it’s like trying to make a Roseanne Barr look like a supermodel or a penguin look like a raccoon. Good luck it aint going to happen you are comparing an executive-administration in the Nixon Administration who had. Cabinet-officials indited and served time in prison along with White House staff. And a Vice President of the United States the second ranking officer in the United States Government. Who was force to resign over a bribery investigation that went back to his days as Governor of Maryland. How my state was ever dumb enough to elect Spiro Agnew Governor is beyond me and something that. Deserves and investigation, as well as back to his days as Executive of Baltimore County. I do not live in Baltimore so I can’t explain Spiro Agnew’s political success there. But it gets better because Vice President Agnew was also under investigation by the U.S. Government over bribery. Allegations as well.

President Nixon’s own Attorney General who happened to be the chief law enforcement officer of the United State in John Mitchell. Resigning over a Federal-investigation over his involvement into Watergate. The second ranking officer in the White House resigning over his involvement in the Watergate affair, Bob Haldeman. None of these things have happened in the Obama Administration. What we have in the Obama Administration are bad actors working on their own who are going to either get fired. Or prosecuted over it with their supervisors and even department heads like the Secretary of Treasury. Or the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service not doing their jobs and supervising their own people. And the Commissioner of the IRS has already resigned over that and the Attorney General Eric Holder has launched an investigation into it as well. At worst President Obama and Vice President Biden haven’t adequately supervised their people and making sure the. Department heads are on the ball but there’s no evidence at least so far of any wrong doing that can be associated at the top.

All these little supposed scandals involving the Obama Administration are all bad news and distracting. Because it makes them look like they aren’t on the ball and people are getting away with things especially die-hard Democratic-partisans let’s say. But to try to compare the most corrupt executive-administration in United States history the Nixon Administration. With the Obama Administration is like trying to teach a dog how to grow wings and to fly. That dog simply won’t fly and it makes for good partisan gossip and propaganda but that’s all it is.


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