Mos 619: Video: C-SPAN’s Washington Journal: Christopher Hitchens: On The ‘War on Drugs, 1996

Designed to Fail

Designed to Fail

Christopher Hitchens – On The 'War on Drugs' [1996] – YouTube.

I hope at some point that America get’s to the point where the War on Drugs looks so stupid. That Americans are thinking what the hell was the Nixon Administration thinking about when they. Launched this bogus war that was designed to fail from the beginning in 1971. Because it’s designed to protect Americans from themselves with this paternalistic approach that we meaning. Uncle Sam know what is best for you rather than the individuals themselves. Its kinda like a parent telling their daughter not to see that boy again knowing she probably will anyway. If the parent knows their daughter and knows what they were doing from their experience as an adolescent them self. How would you enforce that especially if they go to school together or they both drive or at least one. Them drives well that’s similar to what the War on Drugs is punishing people with laws that can’t be enforced. At least to the point that it discourages people from breaking them and when they are caught. Now what is government doing but prosecuting people for what they do to themselves. Knowing that they’ll probably just break the law in again as it relates to drugs either in jail or prison. As well as once they are back on the street and this is what the War on Drugs is.


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