Washington Times: Opinion: Warren L. Dean: The Truth About Big Government: When Government Becomes Too Big

Too Big to Succeed

Too Big to Succeed

DEAN: The truth about big government – Washington Times.

Is President Obama at fault for the IRS scandal and the targeting of right-wing groups. No as far as all we know now and I bet it will remain that way as well. Did these things happen to organizations on the Left in the Bush Administration certainly as it related to the Iraq War and. War on Terror, of course but is President Bush at fault for that, no and the reasons why the two presidents aren’t at. Fault here and what their opposition doesn’t understand that there’s a difference between disagreeing with people. And those people being bad people and crooks that you can disagree with good people or average people. But when you are as partisan and as far to the Right or Left as these partisan groups are. Is you do not understand that and you see your opposition as the enemy and not as an opponent. To use as an example of a difference between an opponent and an enemy. Lets say you are playing chess or tennis against someone whatever the game is. The person you are playing is your opponent and your job is to beat that person in that game or you lose. But you don’t try to destroy them or prevent them from ever playing again you simply try to win the game.

I’m not excusing anyone here especially not the United States Government which is simply too big. And one of the consequences of that in a an organization this size that has more people than. New York City or the State of North Carolina in it somewhere around eight million people. Is that it’s too much to manage and problems like this occur so maybe what President Obama should be doing. Instead is instead of trying to manage the big government that he inherited from previous presidents not one president. Is to reform it and make it work better and that blog that I wrote yesterday about the War on Drugs to pat myself on the back. Would be a great place to start and things like tax reform so the Internal Revenue Service doesn’t have to be the size of a mid size. City like Green Bay, Wisconsin you know where the Packers are from. As well as the defense budget and the War on Terror and end the War on Drugs . And stop trying to run the safety-net from Federal-level all of these things that would make the Federal Government leaner, more effective and more. Accountable to the people they work for in government but also Congress and the people.

I actually agree with Warren Dean from the Washington Times on this one and perhaps only the second time. I’ve agreed with the Times on anything in 2013 but that a big problem with big government is that its too big to manage. And when that happens you get people in certain agencies that are so loyal to the president that they will go after the critics of the president. Which is what happened in this case and that the way to fix these problems. Is by reforming government so its more accountable and preventing these problems from happening in the future.


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