Commentary: Opinion- Peter Wehner- What Is True Conservatism?: What is Real Political Conservatism

Classical Conservatives

Classical Conservatives

Source: Commentary Magazine: Peter Wehner- What is True Conservatism .

This is really what the Republican Party needs to think about. And I believe will need to separate some of their factions out. In order to be a strong competitive party in the future that can. Once emerge as a national party like they were in the 1970s and. 80s and what is a Conservative in the American sense and what is. Conservatism and is something that I believe as much as today’s. Republicans talk in support of Conservatism and Conservatives. And claim to be Conservatives and speak for the need. To limit and downsize government has not actually embraced those. Ideas and put proposals in place to make it happen. And a perfect example of that is the four most Conservatives. Presidential candidates in the Republican Party in 2012. Who all had strong limited government and Federalist leanings. And yet they could all appeal to Independents and Latinos. Were not given much of a look by the broader Republican Party. Because they said they were in favor of limited government and that. The Federal Government was too big and too powerful, they actually meant it. But because they are real Conservatives or have strong Conservative. Leanings like Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul. And Rick Perry were not given much of a look by the Republican Party.

The problem with todays Republican Party is that it has. Right-winger who look at politics from a cultural or religious. Point of view and view they can have these strong religious or. Cultural positions that are culturally and religiously Conservative. So they can be against limiting government when it comes to. Personal issues and personal freedoms that I’m against and see as immoral. These people aren’t real Conservatives at least in the classical. Sense of get big government out of my wallet, bedroom, boardroom, classroom, church. And so forth to paraphrase Barry Goldwater. But these people would be Neoconservatives or New-Conservatives. People who aren’t really Conservatives because they aren’t really. Interested in conserving freedom and preventing America. From becoming some type of Socialist or authoritarian state. But are interested in conserving a certain way of life from the 1950s or something. When the country was less individualistic and when certain. Personal choices were considered immoral or looked down upon.

As I’ve blogged before the problem with the Republican Party is. Not Conservatism or Conservatives. Americans still want their personal and economic freedom conserved. And the Republican Party at least at one point was a party that Americans. Could count on to do that but the problem with the GOP is the people. Who call themselves Conservatives but who really aren’t. Like Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachmann who basically see. Today’s America and today’s Americans as Un American and want to. Take America back to the 1950s and believe we’ve been going downhill ever since.

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