C-SPAN: Video: U.S. House: U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen Calls For End to War on Drugs: Congress Finally Getting The Message

War on Drugs Opponent

War on Drugs Opponent

Congressman Cohen calls for end to War on Drugs – YouTube.

This is not the first example of someone in Congress saying the War on Drugs is a failure. And as Representative Cohen put it two years ago no one was celebrating the forty-year anniversary of the. War on Drugs but kinda looking at as an anniversary of someone dying someone who had a lot of people and still has a lot of people who loves them. Or celebrating 9/11 but what Representative Cohen was going through was a list of lives that have been destroyed by this bogus war that quite. Frankly is not a war the War on Drugs is called that to gain popularity but at best its only a war on illegal narcotics. Leaving unhealthy legal drugs or narcotics even alone except for having to be regulated. But Representative Cohen is not the only member of Congress who thinks the War on Drugs is a failure. There are bipartisan bills in both the House and Senate that would decriminalize marijuana and even legalize it. To be regulated like alcohol and there are proposals in the House at least that would create drug courts and change how we deal. With people who use harder narcotics like with drug rehab and so at least some people in Congress are finally figuring out how big of a. Mistake the War on Drugs is and are responding to it in a responsible way.


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