Hillsdale College: Video: Ronald Reagan: The Welfare State, and Self-Government: What People Need to Self Govern

Economic Freedom

Economic Freedom

"Ronald Reagan, the Welfare State, and Self-Government" – YouTube.

The whole idea of self-sufficiency, independence, economic freedom. Are all great goals and great things to believe in. But even those things have limits for people who aren’t. Self-sufficient, independent and do not have economic freedom. And collecting some form or public assistance or private charity. What should the message be to someone who barely finished high school. If at all or perhaps graduated from high school and. Found themselves a good blue-collar job but now are out of work. Because that job has been shipped oversees or they’ve been moved. Out for a younger highly skilled worker what should the message. Be for that person, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get. Yourself a better job that you are not qualified for. Perhaps go back to school, well if you’ve been working blue-collar jobs all. Your life you are making a good living as long as you are. Working but if you are unemployed and find yourself on. Unemployment Insurance, how are you suppose to finance by. Yourself going to college even a community college. My whole point being there’s a limit to what people can do. For themselves especially if their skills are limited.

I’m all for both economic and personal freedom and do not want. Government trying to run our lives in any way. But economic freedom is only great for the people who have it. And the people who do not and you are telling them. Basically pull yourself up by your bootstraps or start your own. Business or start from the bottom and work yourself back up. Making barely anything while still having the same family to raise. And the same bills to pay, that message means nothing to them or won’t. Do anything for them and if anything will come off as rude or ignorant or both. What they need is a message that’s about freedom and independence yes. Which is also my goal but they also need a path to achieve those. Things for themselves and not someone who already has those. Things that you should go try to get those things for yourself. Well again how are they suppose to do that if they do not have. The money and skills to get those things for them self.

Bill Clinton one of my favorite presidents and Liberal-Democrats. Had two great lines that I’m going to repeat here. The first he said during his 1992 Presidential Campaign where he said that. Welfare shouldn’t be free or be a lifestyle that it should be. There for people to use as a path to improve themselves with. Things like education and job training so they can work. Themselves off of welfare and into the middle class taking care. Of themselves which became better known as Welfare to Work the. 1996 Welfare Reform Law and the other great line coming from his. 1993 Inaugural Address where he said that there’s nothing wrong. With America that can’t be fixed with what’s right with. America that people can be empowered to take care of themselves and live.

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