The American: Steve Conover: “A Fiscal Proposal Both John Keynes and Ronald Reagan Could Support”: How to Create Long Term & Short Term Economic & Job Growth

Hayek vs Keynes

Hayek vs Keynes

A Fiscal Proposal Both Keynes and Reagan Could Support — The American Magazine.

I blogged a couple of weeks ago that I’m not a fan of what’s called. Keynesian-Economics or Supply Side Economics. Because they are both trickle-down economic theories but with just different approaches. With the Keynesian approach is about a top down approach from the. Federal Government by investing a lot more in it on behalf of the economy. The Supply Side approach is a top down approach by putting a lot of money. Into corporate America and wealthy people. Thinking they would invest that money in other companies as well as their own and expand. Them which would create good jobs for everyone else and even though. Both of these approaches both have had some success. They do not serve very well as long-term economic-polices because they are both top down. And put a lot of faith in others to create economic and job growth for. Other people and not investing in human capital and seeing what. People can do for themselves.

When you have an economy that has steady but not great economic. Growth with unemployment that’s still high. Compared with historical averages and with your debt to GDP ratio actually falling. Meaning the size of our national debt compared with the size of the economy as a. Whole it gives you an opportunity to put other people to work and. Create both short and long-term economic and job growth that get’s our. Unemployment rate back down to six percent or lower where we were. For over ten years in the 1990s until the start of the Great Recession in. 2008 where our economy can grow at 4-5% and we can even bring down. The debt and deficit further by not adding to it in the short or long-term. By creating an economic package that’s paid for upfront but would pay. For itself as well-meaning the Federal Government would actually make. Money off of it in the long-term and not passing tax cuts for corporate. America or wealthy people or just increase spending on. Social programs we could invest in things by paying for them that put people. Back to work where people have money to spend to generate even more economic growth.

What we need to do in America is to rebuild this country literally and. Make a down-payment on infrastructure investment. Of around one trillion dollars over 5-10 years but pay for all of it and we can do that. With the gas tax, alcohol, tobacco, oil to use as examples. Things people would pay more for because they would continue to use them. And we also need to encourage more companies to invest in America and keep. That money in America and not send it oversees. So we need tax reform that gets our corporate tax to a more competitive level of around. Twenty-five percent while we close wasteful tax loopholes so American. And foreign companies would want to invest in America and continue to. Invest in America and we need a better educated workforce with better. Schools and more job training and re-education opportunities for our. Low-income and low-skilled adults whether they. Are working or not so they can get themselves better jobs.

We do not need anymore trickle down top down approaches to. Economics in America but a bottom up approach that empowers more. Americans to live in economic freedom which would also lower our. Poverty as well as unemployment rates in this country and you do that. By putting people to work in good jobs and giving people who need it the. FRS FreeState on Facebook Opportunity to get themselves a good job so they can live in freedom as well.


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