American Enterprise: Opinion- Jonah Goldberg- “Bob Dole’s Parlor Game”: What Bob Dole Has Right About Todays GOP

Conservative Republican

Conservative Republican

AEI: Opinion- Jonah Goldberg- Bob Dole’s Parlor Game.

I’m going to start off this blog like Jonah Goldberg started off his column by saying that I respect Goldberg in this sense. That he’s a real Conservative and not someone who just calls himself a Conservative that he’s not a big government Rightist who calls himself a Conservative. And that the other thing he get’s right in his column is that when FOX News’s Chris Wallace asked former. U.S. Senate Leader Bob Dole was that would someone of his or Ronald Reagan’s political philosophy make it in. The Republican Party today or would they’ve been seen as not far enough to the Right and wouldn’t have been taken seriously. As Republican Presidential or Vice Presidential candidates and that’s the real question. Because todays Republican Party is even further to the right then it was in 1995-96 when Bob Dole ran for President the last time. And finally won the Republican nomination even though the religious and Neo-Right were in control of the party and had. A lot of influence over Republican policies and the platforms and so forth.

The simple answer is no that neither Bob Dole or Ron Reagan would fit in very well in a party. That today views same-sex marriage and pornography and immigration as threats to national-security and. Believe the country has been going downhill ever since the 1960s and want to through law move America back to that culture. Where Americans had less personal-freedom and certain lifestyle choices were looked down up and even illegal. Because a certain population of the country didn’t approve. Why because Reagan and Dole are both basically Bob Taft or Barry Goldwater Republicans. That they did not want big government in our bedrooms and boardrooms or wallets that big government shouldn’t try to run our lives. That this was the job of Americans themselves and even though they didn’t make their positions on social-issues very public. Because they both at times needed the religious-Right’s support, didn’t push any social-issue agenda for the most part either.

If you want to know where the Republican Party is today. Just go back to that debate that I believe Fox News hosted where someone asked the question are you in favor of a constitutional-amendment. To outlaw same-sex marriage basically giving the Federal Government the authority to regulate. Marriage in America and all except Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and Jon Huntsman who all had a better shot at winning the lottery. Then winning the Republican Presidential nomination said yes. A party that’s suppose to be the anti big government party all coming out in favor of giving the. Federal Government more power and Reagan and Dole were always interested in downsizing the. Federal Government and making it smaller and that’s how much the GOP has changed today.


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