Washington Examiner: Opinion: David Harsanyi: “Left Guilty of Hypocrisy on Freedom, Terrorism”: The Hypocrisy of Both Sides

War on Freedom

War on Freedom

David Harsanyi: Left guilty of hypocrisy on freedom, terrorism | WashingtonExaminer.com.

One way to look at the Patriot Act and the broader so-called War on Terror. Is to look at it based on whose in power and whose the opposition party. That’s the cynical way to look at it but it’s also an accurate way to look at it. Because if you are part of the establishment or the leadership in one of the two main parties. Your number one job as a politico is to protect your own power by protecting what you have and expanding it. So if you are the party in power and you have to enforce the Patriot Act and the broader so-called War on Terror. You are going to talk about the benefits of these things to convince voters that you are protecting the. Country and we are now safer as a result under this leadership so we need these tools in place to continue this effective leadership. As well as reelect the people we currently have and elect more of us to Congress so we can continue to protect the country.

But if you are the opposition party you not only want to protect what you have especially before a mid-term election. Where the President and Vice President aren’t up for reelection but you want to gain more power. So if the Patriot Act is unpopular because of the civil-liberty issues and you are a politico in your partie’s leadership and establishment. You are against the Patriot Act because you see it as an issue you can use to gain more power and. Protect the power that you have so you are going to try to make the party in power look like they are against freedom and civil-liberties. All of the evidence you need to know this is to look at where the Republican Party at least it’s leadership was on the Patriot Act and. NSA during the Bush Administration and where they are now during the Obama Administration. And where the Democratic Party or at least it’s leadership was during the second-term of the. Bush Administration and where they are now during the Obama Administration when it comes to the. Patriot Act and National Security Agency, complete role reversals.

But if you want to know who are the real Liberals and Conservatives are in this debate. Just from the viewpoint of a political junky. Look at people at the Democrats and Republicans who are supposed to be the Liberals and Conservatives and where they were when the Patriot Act was. Popular back in 2001-02 when it was put into law and where they are now when it’s not very popular. Especially with the reports about the National Security Agency with them snooping on Americans without warrants and so forth. Raising questions about whether our emails and phone calls are safe from governmental interference or not. The Democrats and Republicans in the debate are the people who were against it before they were for it. In the Democrats case and are now for it before they were against it and in the Republicans case. Because when Congress passed the bill we had a Republican President and Americans were concern about another. Foreign terrorist attack but now that we have a Democratic President, are now looking for ways to be against it.

But to close this post on somewhat of a positive note. The real Liberals and Conservatives in this case are the Democrats and Republicans who were against the bill when it was popular in. 2001-02 and are still against it 11-12 years later and are now saying look I told you back. Then that this bill is anti-freedom and abuses our civil-liberties which is why I voted against it. And I can point to Democrats like Representative Loretta Sanchez, former Senators Russ Feingold and Paul Wellstone. And Republicans like former Representative Ron Paul all of these members and former members of Congress have at least one thing in common. They voted against the Patriot Act when it was popular and are now against it when it is unpopular. Which is what makes then the real Liberals and Conservatives in this debate and not just a bunch of. Shortsighted politicians whose main concern is the next election.


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