Real Clear Politics: Opinion: Scott N. Paul: America Can Take a Lesson From Germany: What America Can Learn From Germany

Economic Freedom

Economic Freedom

America Can Take a Lesson From Germany | RealClearPolitics.

Todays Progressives in America love to point to Europe as the golden model for how America should reform its economic system. As if Europe is one country which it’s currently not and as if every European country has the same economic system. Which of course it doesn’t and Progressives like to do this because of the generous welfare-states in Europe provided by. Their governments and financed by their tax payers and they like to say that it works there so it would automatically work in America as well. This blog is not about disputing that even though it’s obvious that just becomes something might work in one country that’s a hell of a. Lot different and smaller than another country, that doesn’t mean it would automatically work in the other country. Just because it might work in other countries that are much smaller and different from America. Culturally, demographically, politically, different populations and so forth. But there are some things in the largest country and economy in Europe West of the Slavic states. That could work in America because Germany and America share certain values and ideas and have similar economic systems. And there are things that Americans can learn from our German friends.

What works in Germany is basically what use to work in America before we got away from that 10-15 years ago. That Germany has if anything has advanced and made better in their country. Americans and Germans value hard work, productivity, education, freedom, independence, infrastructure. And a safety-net for people who need it so they can get a hand up when they are down and be able to take care of themselves. Germany and Canada are perhaps the two closest countries to America when it comes to our economic systems. Because we believe in similar things which is why I believe Progressives like to point towards Sweden which is a . Hell of a lot more Socialist with a much more generous welfare-state then these other countries as the. Model that America should look at but what Germany does with its education, job-training, infrastructure and tax systems is encourage people to be able to take care of. Themselves rather than expecting the welfare-state to do that for them. Which is a big reason why Germany is still the dominant economy and country in Europe. While other European countries are looking to see how they can reform their welfare-states and cut costs.

I’m not saying that America should transform its economic system and become just like Germany. Their taxes and regulatory system is too much for us but they do get a bigger bang for their taxes then we do. Because they invest in things and do it in a way that empowers most Germans to live in freedom and allow for them to take care of themselves. Rather then investing that money in the state to take care of the people. And is something that Americans can learn from so we have a lot more Americans living in economic freedom.


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