Rep. Paul Ryan: Video: Fox & Friends: Paul Ryan Gives Update on IRS Investigation: How to Fix The IRS

Big Government

Big Government

Fox & Friends: Ryan Gives Update on IRS Investigation – YouTube.

Just to be clear I’m completely against the IRS going after political groups Right or Left because they disagree with the. Administration that they work for, the IRS should not be targeting Left or Right wing groups for political reasons. That’s an example of big government at its worst and hopefully a responsible investigation will look into what the IRS has been. Doing as far as its investigations in these areas and the right things will be done. Not that I have much confidence that the House Republican Ways and Means Committee is the group that. Should be looking into this investigation especially with heavy Tea Party influences over it. This looks like House Republican investigations of the Clinton Administration of the late 1990s all over again. And I believe this would be better managed either with a Bipartisan effort from the House Ways and Means Committee and Senate Finance Committee. The two committees in Congress that write our tax laws or the House and Senate working together. But if the real goal is to find out what happened here and not to score partisan political points. Then this investigation would be better handled outside of Congress all together.

But the best way that I do not have much confidence of this happening in this Congress. To reign in the power of the IRS and big government in general. Is through comprehensive tax reform and the way I would do it is not by eliminating the IRS but simply giving them a lot. Less authority with a much smaller tax code and how would I do that. By eliminating the current tax code and most of the current tax deductions and tax credits all together. Including eliminating the income tax all together which would be the only tax I would eliminate in this. Tax reform but replace it with what I call a Progressive Consumption Tax. That instead of taxing people based on what they make and produce for America. We would tax them based on what they consume in America. Which would be Progressive because the tax on basic necessities needed for life would be taxed at a low rate. And the tax on luxury items would be at a higher rate. Leaving the IRS with nothing to do but to collect the taxes from sales receipts.

The main problem I have with the IRS is not the people who work there. Who I’m sure are professional and qualified for their jobs. But that the people there have too much power and you get rid of the income tax. Their power would simply diminish because individuals and business’s would no longer be able to escape paying taxes. Because they would get hit by the Progressive Consumption Tax every time they purchase something.


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