Hot Air: Allah Pundit: Breaking: ObamaCare employer Mandate to be Delayed until 2015: How to Fix the Affordable Care Act

Democratic Healthcare

Democratic Healthcare

Breaking: ObamaCare employer mandate to be delayed until 2015 « Hot Air.

One of the reasons why the employer-mandate is being delayed is because of all of the push back from the business community and others. From people who do not understand the bill and all of the regulations in it and are having a hard time following it. Which will be used against Congressional Democrats and candidates for the House and Senate in 2014. The problem is that it can’t be fixed with the way today’s Congress is set up. With a Tea Party led House of Representatives and a Democratic Senate but Democrats only control half of Congress now. So What it looks like the Obama Administration is doing now is buying time. Hopefully waiting for either a Democratic House to return in 2015 or for them to sell the employer-mandate to. Business so they can at least understand the bill and be able to follow it and then put the mandate into effect. But if there were a House of Representatives right now that was in the business of governing and in divided government. That means working with the other side. Than Republicans and Democrats could fix the bill together and be able to sell it to business.


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