American Enterprise: Opinion: Michael Rubin: When Coups Advance Democracy: Egypt’s Second Shot at Democracy

Egyptian Democracy

Egyptian Democracy

When coups advance democracy – Foreign and Defense Policy – AEI.

I actually agree with Michael Rubin on this and view the coup last week of President Muhammad Morsi in Egypt. As not necessarily a bad thing that the Egyptian military wasn’t ending Democracy in Egypt. Just saying they didn’t approve of President Morsi who was trying to govern as a dictator of some sort. Who wanted to be more powerful than the Egyptian Parliament, court system, constitution and perhaps even the Egyptian military itself. The Egyptian military wasn’t saying that Egypt can’t have Democracy. They even appointed Mohammad Elbaradei as the acting Prime Minister someone whose a Democrat and wants Democracy in Egypt. When they could’ve appointed someone from the military or the former Mubarak regime who would’ve held the line. And move back to Egyptian Authoritarianism where the military calls all of the shots. So this coup in Egypt could actually be positive for Egypt in this sense. That it will give the Egyptian people a second shot at Democracy. And to elect a President and an administration that will back Democracy and the Egyptian Constitution.

I doubt anyone believes that Egypt will or can become a Liberal-Democracy overnight. But there does seem to be a movement there that wants to move past the military dictatorship. There and perhaps even looking for an alternative to the military dictatorship other than Islamic-Theocracy. But a Democracy where the President is accountable, where the Parliament is real, where there’s a real court system. Where the Constitution is respected and where the rights of the Egyptian people are also respected. Rather than some strongman coming to power believing that all power should reside in their office and rules by decree. And now Egypt will have another opportunity to elect someone like this and someone who believes in the. Constitution not someone who seeks to be the next dictator of Egypt.

So in this sense the coup in Egypt could turn out to be a good thing. Throwing out a potential dictator and hopefully replacing the dictator with a Democrat who respects the. Rule of Law, the Egyptian Constitution and the Egyptian people.


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